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Commercial and Residential Real Estate Attorneys Providing Representation to Clients throughout the Hudson Valley Area.

Residential Real Estate Attorneys

Purchasing a house is one of the biggest investments most families make, so it is in your best interests to protect your investment by consulting with a qualified lawyer. Regardless of the stage you are at in the home buying process, an experienced attorney can provide you with invaluable advice on how best to proceed.

At McCabe Coleman Ventosa & Patterson PLLC, we work hard to make sure you feel confident and secure in the decisions you make regarding residential real estate. We will immediately begin working with you to create a fair agreement. Furthermore, we have built a reputation on providing clients with personalized legal aid. We promptly respond to inquiries and never delay in moving our clients’ matters forward.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

McCabe Coleman Ventosa & Patterson PLLC understands that commercial real estate transactions can be especially complicated because they often involve local government regulations — as well as complex financial considerations. We are proud to assist clients with skill and experience in the purchase, sale or lease of a commercial property.

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Our Real Estate Attorneys

Understanding a Commercial Real Estate Contract

A commercial real estate contract can cover construction, property rental and insurance coverage as well as the sale of the property. 

Due Diligence & Negotiation

It is up to the purchaser to investigate a transaction thoroughly before moving forward. If you fail to do the necessary research, and the transaction turns out to be unfair, you will not be able to rely on consumer protection laws.

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