It is extremely important to speak with a seasoned Shoplifting Attorney as soon as possible if you or a loved one is facing a theft charge. There are many opportunities for a dedicated criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights and negotiate to get the charges reduced or dropped.


Facing shoplifting charges in New York? Contact criminal defense attorney John Ventosa today for a free consultation. Shoplifting can be charged as either Petit Larceny or Grand Larceny, depending on the value of the items stolen. Behaviors that may lead to a shoplifting charge include hiding a smaller object inside a larger object, direct theft, and changing price tags. The severity of the consequences associated with a conviction is dependent largely upon the retail value of the property that was taken.

Shoplifting incidents can occur from many different events, and often arise as a result of a misunderstanding or a simple error. In many cases there can be significant obstacles to the prosecution’s case due to a lack of clear and conclusive evidence. A knowledgeable defense lawyer can help to cast doubt upon the prosecution’s version of events, or plea bargain for a lesser charge when appropriate.

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