Speeding Tickets and Traffic Violations

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Traffic Violation Attorneys

Traffic tickets, including speeding and other Vehicle and Traffic Law Violations, are typically the most common way in which ordinary citizens come into contact with law enforcement. Throughout Dutchess County, many people receive tickets and citations for both minor and major traffic offenses on town roads, highways such as Taconic State Parkway, and I-84. No matter the cause of your traffic violation, you have the right to a strong legal defense in your local town or village traffic court.

Conviction of a traffic violation in New York State can lead to suspended licenses, fines, or even jail time in some cases. No matter what traffic violation you have received, you absolutely have the right to a full and fair hearing under the law. With John Ventosa’s experience in traffic court, you may be able to prevents points on your driving record and even avoid having your license suspended or revoked. McCabe Coleman Ventosa & Patterson PLLC are known throughout the legal community for being easy to work with and professional at all times.

Why You Need A Traffic Violation Attorney

It’s the state’s responsibility to prove you guilty of the charged offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Many people choose to pay their fine and move on rather than deal with going to court. When someone who wants to fight their ticket comes along, often times the state would rather negotiate a lower offense or give up the case than put in the effort to rebut a challenge. In some situations, there is simply not enough evidence available to prove to the court that you are guilty.

You should never attempt to fight a speeding ticket or traffic violation on your own. Most prosecutors, judges, and police officers are skilled at questioning individuals in a way so as to obtain the information they need to convict you. Even the most honest person who is genuinely innocent can say something under pressure that may result in conviction. A skilled attorney will know how to navigate the questions and present your case in the best way possible.

The combination of fines, surcharges, and insurance increases that result from a speeding ticket or violation can cost thousands of dollars. An attorney will be able to minimize the number of points and fees for your traffic ticket. In many situations an attorney will be able to have your ticket reduced to a non-moving violation, such as a parking ticket.

By working with an attorney you may also prevent your auto insurance from drastically increasing, as insurance companies raise rates based upon a person’s driving record. Insurers check your record when they renew your policy and all it takes is one speeding ticket to produce an increase in your rates. If your traffic violation was particularly bad, the insurance company can cancel your coverage all together. This makes it even more important to hire a New York speeding and traffic ticket attorney to represent you and protect your rights.

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